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SawdustSawdust, aim at powder wood flour following trees down from the trees because of cutting during processing wood. Our country is not developed forestry resources country, in fact, sawdust can be used to develop many useful products that is beneficial to people production and life. Nowadays, many people have realized that, for the use of sawdust has been developing, high-quality sawdust has been widely praised.
Sawdust briquettes made by sawdust briquetting machine
Sawdust briquettes
Sawdust - drying - briquetting - final sawdust briquettes - packaging - packaged briquettes
sawdust briquetting machine
Sawdust briquettes are great to use as they provide a virtually smokeless, long-lasting and hot fire. Buy a sawdust briquette making machine and you can produce your own briquettes.
Step one: collect sufficient sawdust.
Step two: Dry the powder materials with a dryer machine or dry them under the sun in the open air.
Step three: Feed the well-prepared materials into sawdust briquette machine.
Step four: Give it time to cool.
Step five: Store the finished sawdust briquettes in a dry location.
Our sawdust briquette making machine reduces the volume of your wastes and saves your costs on haulage and storage. During the briquetting, there is no need of binder which means the final briquettes is still a natural product. Henan Kefan is the most professional briquette machines manufacturer in China, our machines also can press wood, charcoal, powder materials, metal powder,etc. If you want to inquire, pl tell us what is your raw materials, what is your needed output, your site scene, your materials humidity,etc.

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