Square Shape Briquettes made by professional briquette maker machine in China

Square Shape made by fuel briquette:
(press charcoal/coal/mineral powder into square shaped briquettes)
mineral powder
Square Briquette Press Machine Moulds:
Square Briquette Press Machine Moulds
Square Briquette Maker Machine for Sale:
Square Briquette Maker Machine
Briquette Maker Machine part
Briquette production line for pressing into square briquettes:
Briquette production line

Henan Kefan is mainly briquette machine for sale manufacturer in China, our machines can press raw material, such as charcoal,coal,mineral powder,log,metal powder,carbon powder,sawdust,etc. into different shapes:pillow,honeycomb,oval-shape,rod-shape,square-shape. The briquette shape can be customized by using the different rollers, among the various shapes, so we can meet different customers' need and professional configure briquetting production line according to customers actual site.
If you want to make square shaped briquettes or purchase square shape briquette machine, browse our website for more information or contact us by E-mail:hnzkmachinery@hotmail.com.

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