Spherical active carbon

Spherical shape briquettes can be made by briquette machine through press oxide, dust and mud,ash,slag etc,as well as manganese powder,manganese alloy powder,fine ore and a variety of non-ferrous metals industry slag,etc.
Spherical active carbon shapes:
Spherical shape briquettes
Spherical shape briquette maker machine:
Spherical shape briquettes
Spherical activated carbon (Spherical Active Carbon, SAC), its body structure has at least one spherical shell made by activated carbon material, in the spherical enclosure,there is spherical core body, may be inorganic material which is different from the spherical shell material, the diameter of the spherical shell can up to 10mm, the spherical shell wall thickness is not less than 0.5mm, preferably is 1-1.5mm. 
Spherical shape briquettesSpherical shape briquettes
Spherical active carbon is prepared from petroleum pitch as a high degree of spherical activated carbon. In addition to activated carbon adsorption properties, there are a variety of other features:
1. small particles, highly filled; 
2. high mobility;
3. high purity, low ash;
4. high strength, high wear resistance;
5. narrow particle size distribution.
After adding 17.6% polyethylene glycol into line type phenol resin, preparative spherical carbon has good excitation; deepness actived sphere shape is intact, structure is uniformity.Compare to the specimen without adding pore-forming agent, this meterial has large specific surface area, large porosity ratio and large adsorption quantity for creatinine's balance.

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