How to make sawdust briquettes by using sawdust briquette machine?

sawdust briquettesWinter has come, the weather is so cold. At this time, heating is so important for people. In cities, people can use central heating for warming, but in villages, people can use briquettes for warming. Especially the Middle East of United States suffered the most cold weather in the past 20 years, many places have frozened, heating is crucial.
Briquettes are widely used in villages in many countries, but when some briquettes burn, they may have a lot of smoke, and it is easy to gas poisoning and life threatening. However sawdust briquette is one kind of briquettes, and they can provide virtually smokeless, long-lasting and hot fire. So sawdust briquettes are more popular in many countries.
Sawdust is common co-product of timber mill or woodworking factory and it is also a kind of ideal materials for making briquettes. Wood briquettes are highly compacted sawdust and these briquettes are proved to have a higher calorific value compared with the same quantity of firewood because of the great density. They can be used in both industrial furnaces and domestic solid-fuel stoves.
Sawdust briquette machine is the equipment that make fuel sawdust into briquettes. Sawdust briquetting production line: sawdust → drying → briquetting → final sawdust briquettes → packaging → packaged briquettes. 
Sawdust briquetting   production line
Step one: collect sufficient sawdust. If you only get wood pieces or wood chips as raw materials, don’t worry, wood chipper machine can help you turn these large pieces into powder.
Step two: dry the powder materials with dryer machine or dry them under the sun in the open air.
Step three: feed the prepared materials into sawdust briquette machine.
Step four: cool the finished sawdust briquettes so that peopele can touch by hand.
Step five: store the finished sawdust briquettes in a dry location.
sawdust briquette plant
Kefan sawdust briquette making machines can reduce the volume of your wastes and saves your costs on haulage and storage. During the briquetting, there is no need of binder which means the final briquettes is still a natural product. When burning sawdust briquettes, only the originally carbon dioxide absorbed by the growing tree during photosynthesis is released into the atmosphere, which means burning fuel briquettes closes a natural conservation cycle.Thus there is less smoke and protect environment.
sawdust briquettes
Sawdust Briquette Machine Supplier in China
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