Pillow Shape Briquettes made by briquette machine

Pillow shape briquettes can be made by briquette machine through press charcoal/coal/mineral powder.
Briquette machine can make into pillow briquettes
pillow shaped briquettes
Pillow-shaped charcoal briquettes
pillow briquette moulds
Pillow briquettes moulds
pillow briquette machines
Briquette machine for sale(that can make pillow briquettes)
Regarding the fuels for the BBQ, there are more choices nowadays than before - a series of briquettes made from various materials (wood, charcoal, bamboo, etc.) are developed for BBQ uses, the pillow shape charcoal briquette is a new member of them which is well received by the BBQ fans, one thing you should keep that in mind that the briquette for BBQ is very different from the ones for heating uses - the fire has direct contact with the food, the additives and additional processes have to be taken to make the fuel burning as clean as possible, and the price of charcoal briquettes for barbeque is higher than other products.
But sometimes briquettes pressed by briquette maker machine have rough selvedge, how to do?
When the machine is working,rely on rollers press materials into balls. If two rollers adjustment is not right,pressed balls are irregularity and with rough selvedge.
1.rough selvedge reason and treatment methods: this situation's reason is that the gap between two rollers are too large and cause the pressure is too small.
Treatment method: in accordance with instructions,adjust the rollers' gap,or contact our engineer to guide adjustments.
2.Finished balls irregularly shaped approach: this situation's reason is two rollers' malposition.
Treatment method: adjust the driving shaft's adjuster. Adjust driving shaft's roller height to higher 2mm than driven shaft roller height. When the machine is working, as the pressure is strong, materials into the beiquette press machine are extrusion moulded by pressure roller,causing the two rollers have small variation.
If you are interested in our pillow briquette machine or simply want to know more about how to make pillow shape charcoal/coal briquettes, contact us right now and you will get the professinal answer!

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