Honeycomb briquette maker machine for sale

Honeycomb briquette mainly used for home fires, heating, cylindrical honeycomb briquettes made ​​from anthracite. By the raw coal, carbonization sawdust, lime, red (yellow) clay, charcoal powder mixture base material and flammable accelerant composed of nitrate, potassium permanganate and other components. With above materials made a diameter of 100mm flammable briquette to test firing, it is on fire quickly, flames can up to 140mm or more, up to 1 hour burn time, smokeless, odorless, complete combustion.
Honeycomb briquette
Honeycomb Briquettes
(Make Coal Powder into Honeycomb Briquettes)
Honeycomb Briquettes
Honeycomb Briquette Maker Machine for Sale
Honeycomb Briquette Maker Machine
There are two types of honeycomb briquette machine: closed-type design and semi-closed type design:
Close type: The motor is included inside the main machine;
Semi-Close type: The motor is separate and outside the main machine.
Both closed and semi-closed type honeycomb briquette machine can be equipped with a series of moulds, which means you can make honeycomb briquettes with various different shapes including square, round, quincunx and multi-hole briquettes.
Tips for you to Make Honeycomb Briquettes:
Honeycomb BriquettesHoneycomb material wide, low cost, easy to use, making simple purpose of saving energy and saving time, has good development prospects.
Coal is a common fossil fuels, coal through the evolution from "briquettes" to "honeycomb briquette".
If you wish to learn how to make high quality honeycomb briquettes, you can follow the steps below.
The most important factor is the quality of the coal - good quality coal has a bright color, and less impurities.
1. Crush the raw coal into small pieces; the sifted coal powder would be good, and the rest of the coal has to be crushed again.
2. Stir the coal powder well with a proper rate of mud and water; if too much water is added, it will be very difficult to shape the honeycomb briquette.
The production process of honeycomb briquettes is very simple. If the pretreatment is properly done, everyone can master the operation of the honeycomb briquette machine after a couple of times. So it is so widely used in the world, especially in the developing countries.
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