Announcements on the layout of the equipments and plants of the briquette production line

Briquette machine production line construction includes the following three aspects:

1.Layout of the main equipment and related buildings: including the raw material warehouse, the production workshop, the finished product storehouse arrangement.

2.Layout of auxiliary equipment and buildings: including transformers, spare parts storing warehouse, laboratories, pumping stations and so on. These buildings are arranged on the basis of the former type of building, with a certain flexibility.

3. Layout of the office, living area :such buildings are civil buildings, factories and apartment building,such as offices, canteens, dormitories and so on.

The above three aspects are the main contents of the layout of the briquette production line, the following is brief introduction of layout process of briquette machine production line construction that needs to pay attention to :

1.In line with national fire, safety, environmental protection requirements.

Set the fire pool and rainwater collection pool;set up flushing water facilities at the factory outlet; the raw material storehouse should set up the spraying and dust-reducing facilities; and there is sufficient safe distance between the drying furnace and the building ; set the fire hydrant.

2. Make the arrangement of the production line according to geological and hydrological conditions of the local

Crusher has a greater vibration, while the weight of drying furnace is as large as possible ,so make sure place the equipments in a good geological conditions.

3. office and living area should be on the upwind

This can avoid the wind and rain brought the dust pollution to people's lives.

4. To meet the clean coal production process under the premise of full use of terrain, make it as compact as possible to save land and reduce investment.

5. Raw material and finished product storing warehouse should be arranged near the road of convenience to reduce transporting costs, while away from office and living areas as far as possible.

6. Auxiliary workshop should be close to the relevant main equipments and buildings.

Transformer layout should consider line loss, the layout of the spare parts storing warehouse should take convenience into consideration.

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