Environmental protection process of desulfurized gypsum briquette machine attracts eyeballs

With the progress of industrial technology, all kinds of waste gypsum and the desulfurized gypsum from power plants can be recycled. And the waste gypsum reuse process equipment is the desulfurized gypsum ball mill. At present, the prosperity of all kinds of industrial development has also accelerated the emission of FGD gypsum. This not only pollute the air, but also take up a lot of arable land. As a resource that can be reused, the desulfurized gypsum briquette machine has the opportunity to show great skill.

1.Working process of desulfurized gypsum ball pressing machine: The working principle of desulfurized gypsum pressure ball machine is the same as other briquette ball machine, slag ball machine, which the motor drives the transmission bearings are at work, two roller bearing with action by continuous operation, the gypsum is conveyed to the feeding machine on the hopper. When the two roller bearing with the opposite operation,the gypsum ball will be made on the roller surface by pressing. We use different users, different production programs, so that each user can not produce in the production because of different materials and production does not meet the standard phenomenon.

2.Environmental protection function of desulfurized gypsum ball pressing machine: The application of desulfurized gypsum ball mill is not only the processing gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, but also can be used for sludge, activated carbon, coal powder, mineral powder processing. While creating economic value, it has also played the role of environmental protection.

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