How to reduce the noise in the production of coal briquetting machine

It is more common for domestic coal briquetting machine to come out noise in work process. Even if it uses the hardened gear reducer, still can not avoid the emergence of such problems. Encountered such problems, He Nan Kefan Machinery after repeated testing, in shock absorption, noise reduction has made considerable progress.

If the equipment is noisy in the production process, it is necessary to first find out where the noise is from, and then take useful methods to reduce noise. The noise can be solved by utilizing the advantages of topography and topography, and can also increase noise elimination devices to reduce noise to the greatest extent. Different barriers can be installed according to the size of different parts of the equipment so as to minimize the noise of the ball press. But zero noise can not be achieved, and we can do is in the briquetting machine in the production process, pay more attention to the tightness of equipment joints, so that to some extent can reduce the noise of equipment.

If the production time is too long, briquette pressure ball machine also need proper stop cooling, avoid overheating equipment, causing damage to components. Briquette pressure ball machine also needs regular maintenance and takes preventive measures.

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