How to determine the quality of the mineral power briquette machine

At present, there are many manufacturers produce the mineral power briquette machine, but the quality is uneven. Well, how do we determine the quality of the ball press?

The quality this equipment is mainly reflected in the role of several important components, as one of the first to roll. There are two speed rotate in the opposite direction of the driving shaft is formed on the roller, mineral power briquette machine is the main object of work roll, working on the roll of material for extrusion and molding materials. The roll material and skin material directly affect the strength of the molding material and determine the service life of the machine. The higher the hardness, the longer the service life.

There is an important component of the ball press called the feeding device. Feeding device of pressure ball machine must be able to continuously feed evenly, feeding device directly affects the molding material. Feeding too much and not all of the material pressing ball, it will easy to block material. If the feed is less, the formed material density is not enough, it will not appear in the process of transportation of bulk cargo.

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