The correct operation flow in the work of mineral powder briquette machine

It is very important to correctly grasp the operation flow of the mineral powder briquette machine. The operation process is the following: before starting the machine, you must clean up the dust particles around the machine and check whether the screw has loose and shedding phenomenon. After the start-up of these dangerous substances can be excluded, you can start the machine.

The following will be carried out next - the ball grinding machine boot sequence. The correct order of operation of the ball press is as follows: slag ball press machine hydraulic station pressure - open the stock bin bucket elevator - open to buried scraper conveyor, hoist feeding opening pressure ball bulk return screw conveyor - Open - open host machine to side slag ball feeding opening vibration feeder - screw gate open silo.

After the normal boot, you can do the production work. When feeding to the ball mill, the feeding of the electric feeder should be ensured to be uniform, and the electric feeder will be adjusted to the best effect according to the condition of the storage. When the production work is finished, how to shutdown it? Normal parking or emergency parking, contrary to the order of the car. The pressure of the hydraulic station should be controlled between 18 - 25MPa, so as to ensure the strongest effect of the ball.

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