Rod-shaped Charcoal made by charcoal briquette machine

(charcoal briquette machine can extrude charcoal/sawdust/wheat stalk/bagasse into rod-shaped briquettes)
charcoal briquette machine
Biomass Materials: weed tree, straw, rice straw, rice bran powder, peanut shells/hulls, pinewood/pine wood residues, floor powder, bamboo powder, hemp fibre, waste paper/newspaper, reed canary grass, sunflower husk seed shell, switchgrass etc.
charcoal briquette machine materials
Coal Materials: coal powder, coal dust, charcoal powder, charcoal dust, mine powder etc.
charcoal briquette machine coal material
Rods charcoal made by charcoal briquette machine:
Rods charcoal
Moulds of charcoal rod machine:
Rods charcoal moulds
Charcoal is a clean and convenient fuel for fireplaces and cooking like BBQ, there are many charcoal products for sale in the market, it is very easy for people to make charcoal by themselves, it might need a couple of times before you can master the skills in the days after. And before the making of charcoal, the first thing you should understand is how the charcoals are formed from the wood/log: when the wood is burned to a certain degree, keep heating the wood with fire under low oxygen condition, this process is destructive distillation, the sulfide matter, wood tar, water content are gasified and separated from the wood, the material left is the charcoal. 
Model 50 type wood briquette machine 80 type wood briquette machine New type wood briquette machine  
charcoal rod machine
Power 15kw 18.5kw 22kw
Production 220-280kg/h 300-380kg/h 380-400kg/h
Weight 500kg 800kg 1000kg
If you want to make rods shaped charcoal by yourself, we can supply professional briquetting instruction for you free. or you can send E-mail to

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