Vertical dryer

What is vertical dryer?Vertical dryer is a kind of dryer, In the modern society, the dryer is in a condition of the high investment rate.

What is vertical dryer?

Vertical dryer is a kind of dryer, In the modern society, the dryer is in a condition of the high investment rate. For meeting the high investment cost, large occupation, high problems rate condition, using the features of the industrial coal, by the principle of the low large wind volume and gravity, the research design and test, grade and the large scale stages. From our products points, you will find the equipment suits for innovation, develop the functions, reduce the cost and improve the quality. It is the reasonable equipment for safety production and environmental protection.

The vertical dryer adopts vertical equipment, steel structure housing, lining equipped heat preservation material to preserve heat, in the inner of the kiln, using multi-level high temperature castings, overlapping overlap, In the up, middle and down all relevant components, has several group vibrate, closure, temperature control, intelligent control system. Water vapor and smoke collected dust and ruled out by the cyclone.


For what?

In the application of mining machinery, the vertical dryer is mainly used in briquette coal production line. In an addition, it also can used in drying some materials like the coal powder, such as drying coal, gangue, cinder, fly ash, slag, iron powder, clay, shale and bauxite. There are a number of industries which can apply to: cement, ceramics, glass and refractories and other industries. The vertical dryer is a new type dryer, which can reduce the occupied area and convenient transportation.


How to work?

The vertical dryer is mainly consisted of fixed tube body, access to wind device, feed and feed device, heat exchange device, thermal insulation device .

The molding materials from the belt conveyor to furnace top, then from the distribute device to distribute equally. The coal production line in the running channel to fall slowly under the force of gravity. The water   content can get away from the strong wind. The features of usage: The high fit degree. It is used in large fertilizer plant to dry coal sticks to get the best effect;  the water content of coal sticks can reduce by 3% and the gas capacity will improve. It saves the labor force and save the plant to enlarge the capacity.

After molded, the water content can be 12-14%. After drying process, the moisture content will below to 2-4% to meet the strength and transportation requirements. At the base, after changing the characters, the water content can be less than 1.5% , which also can dry the coal, coal sticks.

 The key technology of vertical dryer is to control the flow rate and residence time of the material in dryer’s every area, make the hot flue gas fully convection, radiation and heat conduction with the material, make the material as far as possible scattered in the dryer, in order to improve the contact area of the hot flue gas and material. At the same time, adopt the material drying parameter optimization microcomputer software technology, proceed online detection to the material moisture and gas temperature of the preheating zone, stoving zone and drying zone three areas, and proceed online adjustment to the heating ability, lead-wind quantity, secondary air distribution and heat supply capacity, material closure capacity, retention time and other system parameters, realize the system dynamic optimization balance, improve the system heat utilization rate. 



1. Low investment cost, energy consumption and environmental protection. Compared with the flow back type furnace, the investment cost can reduce 1/2; floor area is 1/5-1/3; energy consumption and operation cost is low. It is easy to equip other equipment. The vertical dryer adopts the many grades of dust removal equipment to meet the environmental protection standards of government

2. Easy operation and simple maintenance. The dry furnace is no machinery part or moving parts, so there is no need to maintain daily. The vertical dryer reduces the labor and reduce the force strength to enlarge the capacity.

3. High capacity and advanced technology. The dryer adopts the advanced technology from at home and aboard to improve the production.

4. Low wear rate and reasonable structure. The high quality machine can  work normally under the operation of good skills workers and can prolong its service life and improve the capacity. It features anti-friction, high temperature resistant castings, corrosion resistance, need not change and lifelong use.