Sludge dryer

What is the sludge dryer?With the improvement of the national economy and the awareness of the environmental protection, the capacity of city sludge become larger.

What is the sludge dryer?

With the improvement of the national economy and the awareness of the environmental protection, the capacity of city sludge become larger. The problem of treatment and development of sludge are getting more and more attention.

Sludge is a high moisture, high viscosity, high water content, low heat materials. The sludge is specially used in sludge drying equipment. There are any special design in the dryer inside structure, that is not only improving heat efficiency, but avoids the too dry situation of the dryer.

The main parts of the dryer consist of fan, dispersing device, belt feeding machine, feeding machine, rotary drum, heat source, belt type discharging machine, unloading device and power distribution cabinet. The work area of the sludge dryer includes the discharging area, tilting the feeding plate area, cleaning area and guiding area. The sludge drying treatment can be used in farming, fuel or other treatment.



For what?

Sludge dryer is special for the materials which has high moisture, high viscosity, high water and low heat value. The sludge dryer is a mature drying equipment which is suitable for drying sludge, metal and non-metal, clay and other heavy duty industries. It features high production rate and easy operation, reasonable structure, low energy consumption. Cylinder is a horizontal rotating cylinder, its internal used to after welding have staggered angle of different kinds of copy board, cylinder body according to different user requirements, internal can be equipped with use of insulating refractory design, at the feed end in order to prevent material with door ring and spiral copy board.

Sludge dryers can be widely used in activated sludge drying, sewage sludge drying, petrochemical sludge drying, papermaking sludge drying, printing and dyeing sludge drying, tanning sludge drying, drying, municipal sludge drying electroplating sludge, biological fermentation mushroom residue and so on all kinds of high moisture materials such as sludge and all kinds of slag dryers.


How to work?

Sludge dryer can make the 90% water content drying to less moisture content of final products. For the characters of the sludge easy to knot, which can change the structure of the single channel material plate. The sludge dryer adopts the combined self-cleaning unit to greatly enlarge the application range of the dryer, so the dryer has not only dried sludge, but some other kinds of vicious materials.

Sludge by feeder through a chute into the dryer on the guide plate, with the rotation of the cylinder, the sludge is guided to the feed board which was promoted to the center of the cylinder, diffused gradually forming curtain material, high temperature air through it, make the sludge preheating and evaporation of water. When the sludge is scattered and moved to the moving cage of the cage, the material is mixed with the preheated grate blade, which is passed to the material to evaporate part of the water.

At the same time, the pinion clamping material is brought up, scattered and repeated, and the material and hot air flow are exchanged in convection and contact heat. The cleaning device embedded in the material also falls along the side of the circular curved lift plate, and the material that is attached to the wall of the lift plate ,which is swept out. 

When the cleaning device turns the vertical line with the cylinder, it is dragged to the back of the arcing sheet, and the material is attached to the outer wall of the lift plate. With the continuous rotation of the cylinder, the partial water evaporates and the sludge is further dried.

At the same time, the cleaning device also breaks up the ball of the sludge ball, increasing the drying rate, and finally the sludge is dried and becomes the loose material of low moisture, which is expelled from the outlet.

There are some main parts of the sludge dryer:

1. Guiding area. The wet sludge enters the area to drying quickly with high temperature and hot wind. The materials are guiding to next area with the high guiding angle.



2. Discharging area. The rotary is not installed the lifting plate. The dry process of the materials from this area to discharging port.

3. Cleaning area. The wet sludge in this area to form a material curtain state. When the materials fall, the wet sludge can make a vicious rotary condition. In this area, the cleaning device is designed in this area due to the equipment, cleaning device was reasonably clean the inner surface adhesion material, in this process, the cleaning device for the mass of the ball material agglomerate also plays a role of broken, thus increasing the heat exchange area and improve the drying rate.

The inclination lining board, wet sludge lining board area is a dispense condition, the materials cannot be slog. By the heat exchange, the materials can achieve the moisture condition to enter the final discharging area.



1. High capacity. The sludge dryer adopts the advanced transmission device, compared with the common sludge dryer, it saves the coal consumption by 20% , so it greatly saves the production cost. 

2. Environmental protection and low energy consumption. The sludge dryer adopts the many grades of dust removal equipment to meet the environmental protection standards of government to reduce the pollution.

3. Simple structure and easy operation. The reasonable structure can make the operation become easier and reduce the labor cost.

4. Easy maintenance and less wear. High quality materials of the sludge dryer can work for24 hours, a whole day, and reduce the wear rate of the problems.