Sawdust drying machine

What is sawdust drying machine?The sawdust drying machine, is a kind of drying equipment, which adopts the spiral conveyor to put the powder in the dryer.

 What is sawdust drying machine?

The sawdust drying machine, is a kind of drying equipment, which adopts the spiral conveyor to put the powder in the dryer. In the high temperature of transportation and dispense to make the water removal to get powder and particle process.

In the working process, the main parts play their own role. The main part consists of air heater, feeder, air flow drying pipe, cyclone separator, fan; the air heater can make the temperature be higher; the feeder is the feeding system of the drying machine; air flow drying pipe is the main drying system in the drying process; cyclone separator also can be called cyclone, which is the dust removal system; the fan is the exhaust fan. Sawdust dryer mainly has two types. One is rotary sawdust dryer, one is airflow sawdust dryer. Rotary sawdust dryer is for the big processing capacity, and the airflow sawdust dryer is for small processing capacity.

Sawdust dryer is an important and indispensable drying equipment in the process of production mechanism charcoal. The materials of the timber which have been crushed can be produced to the fashioned mechanism stick through the sawdust dryer and the rod making machine. Then the fashioned mechanism sticks are made into the mechanism charcoal by the coking furnace.


For what?

As we know that the sawdust drying machine can be divided into the two type drying machine: the rotary dryer and the air flow sawdust dryer.

The rotary dryer is not widely used as air flow sawdust drying machine on the production line of the coal. The air flow sawdust drying machine is widely used in the field of straw pressure block fuel, charcoal machinery, wood chip granule fuel, sawdust pressure block, agriculture and animal husbandry engineering, etc. It also can be used in drying the soybean straw, cotton stalks, corn stalk drying, drying of wheat straw, sorghum stalk drying, wood drying, drying of wood shavings, sawdust drying, ginkgo leaf drying, drying agricultural fiber materials, such as dry mulberry leaves.


How to work?

The sawdust drying machine can be divided into a hot blast furnace, feeding port, rotary barrel, filter barrel, material conveying pipe, cooling tube and discharging port. The rotating barrel is installed in the driving roller, the driving roller relies on the motor and reducer to drive the rotary to rotate. There are a feeding port between the heating furnace and rotary barrel. Rotating cylinder with stirring blades, in the rotating cylinder connected to the filter cartridges 4 with baffle, baffle on open a small hole, filtering cylinder end connected to the rotating drum, the other end connected to the conveying pipe, filtering cylinder block are set to use, has a discharge hole on the bottom of the cartridge filters, cooling tube end through blower are connected to the conveying pipe, another end is connected to a discharge port.

Due to adopting the above structure, so the sawdust can fully dry inside the rotary drum, and sawdust again before entering the conveying pipe, spread out fully, make the moisture evaporates quickly, stop the impurity in the sawdust can be blocked, guarantee the quality of into sawdust in the conveying pipe.

The wood chip is used in the wood chip dryer, which is combined with the rotary barrel body. The material is boiling and fluidized in the tube, the hot air and materials are fully touched and the drying is finished.



1. High drying intensity: since the material is highly dispersed in the gas stream. The entire surface area of the particles is an entire effective area of the particles for drying. The advanced technology and high quality make the capacity greatly improved.

2. Short drying time. The reasonable design and high performance can make the materials are dry quickly, which are time- saving and highly effective.

3. Simple and compact structure, small floor area needed, convenient installation and maintenance. Above features can make a machine to easily operate and transport. The dry furnace is no machinery part or moving parts, so there is no need to maintain daily. The vertical dryer reduces the labor and reduce the force strength to enlarge the capacity.

4. Large drying capacity, high heat efficiency can be more than 70% when it is free water. Flexible operation, it needs the large range of the production and not affect the quality of the products.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection. The high capacity and high effective usage can meet the environmental protection standards.