Mineral slag dryer

What is the mineral slag dryer?Mineral slag dryer or mineral slag drying machine is a kind of rotary dryer.

What is the mineral slag dryer?

Mineral slag dryer or mineral slag drying machine is a kind of rotary dryer. It is mainly consisted of rotary barrel, fan, high speed scattering equipment, lifting plate: the rotary barrel is a cylinder for storage the materials; the fan is to lead the hot wind; the high speed scattering equipment is to make the materials scattered and equally; the lifting plate is to make the materials completely touch the hot air.

There are a number of advantages of the mineral slag equipment. The mineral slag features reasonable structure, well-made, advanced process, high capacity and low energy consumption.Compared with other common drying machine, the series of drying equipment not only can dry the mineral slag of the smelting substance, but also dry the calcium carbide slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water residue and other materials. According the difference of materials, the drying equipment can be divided into metal powder drying machine and iron concentrate pellet drying machine.


For what?

Mineral slag dryer is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, beneficiation, cement and other heavy industries. There is a various of materials suit for the drying machine: slag, calcium carbide slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water residue, etc. Mineral slag dryers are used in many kinds of combustion furnaces: high temperature boiling furnace, pulverized coal spraying furnace and manual coal furnace. Slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water slag, coal mud, sludge and other wet and large materials can be used for mineral slag drying machine. The machine is widely applied in mining industry, which also can equip other mining equipment to form a complete production line.


How to work?

There are some steps of drying process:

1. The mineral slag enters the silo by the belt conveyor or bucket conveyor, then it through the feeder of silo to enter the feed end.

2. The slope of feeding pipe is larger than the natural slope of the materials in order to flow into the mineral drying machine.

3. The drying cylinder is a rotating cylinder which is inclined slightly to the horizontal line. When the materials from the high end and counter-current contact with materials.

4. The materials are affected by the gravity to move to the lower end , the wet materials in the moving process of the cylinder, which are direct or indirect, to get the heating to make the materials drying, then the dried materials can be discharged by the belt conveyor and spiral conveyor.

5. There is a lifting plate on the dryer cylinder, whose role is making the materials lift and scatter them to make the touch area of materials with the air flow be larger, that will improve the drying rate and move on the materials.

6. The heating medium by the dryer, which needs the cyclone to collect the materials. If customers need to reduce the dust removal, there is a pulse jet bag filter or wet dust removal to exhaust.



1. High capacity and strong anti-loading ability. High thermal efficiency, coal consumption can reduce 20%, which can reduce the drying cost directly. The transmission gear adopts the pin column to replace the traditional cast steel wheel, which save the cost and reduce the maintenance cost and time.

2. Advanced technology and reasonable structure. In the design process, in order to meet the best drying effect, it adopts the downstream dry way to make the materials and heat air enter the drying equipment from the same side. The discharging port of drying machine has low temperature and high heat efficiency. The inside structure adopts the innovation to strength the cleaner and the heat conduction role to reduce the adhesion condition.

3. Easy operation and low wear rate. Using the new type materials, discharging device to solve the problems of the backlog, inconstant, unequal, return materials to reduce the overload of dust removal system. The simple structure makes the operation become easier, so the common worker can operate it by simple guide.

4. Flexible operation and wide application. It can meet the various requirements of drying rate and moisture conten. It meets that one machine serves as multi-purposes.

5. Low energy consumption and environmental protection. The high effective work improves the usage rate of mineral slags and meet the standards of environmental protection.