Saving-energy ball press machine

Saving-energy ball press machine that is a kind of briquette machine, supplies the drive force by electromagnetic speed regulating motor through the belt conveyor and cylinder gear reducer by rod pin coupling to main spindle.
What is saving-energy ball press machine?
Saving-energy ball press machine that is a kind of briquette machine,  supplies the drive force by electromagnetic speed regulating motor through the belt conveyor and cylinder gear reducer by rod pin coupling to main spindle.
The saving-energy ball press machine is mainly used in some powder materials which is hard to press. The characters of the briquette machine are high mold pressure, adjusted host rotation and equipped spiral feeding system.  
Saving-energy ball press machine consists of three parts: feeding part, transmission part and mold part.       
Feeding part, it is mainly to make the materials enter the rollers constantly and equally.
Transmission part, the main transmission part: motor -- triangle belt -- reducer-- open gear -- roller
Molding part, the most important part is host, and the core part is roller. 
The three parts composite a whole production line to press the powder materials or even the waste slags.
For what?
The saving energy ball press machine is special for the powder materials which is hard to press. It is suitable for the powder materials, such as sand, stone, coal, flyash,coal gangue, coal slag, tallings, ceramic particles, and furnace slag and other industrial waste materials to as raw materials. It also can be used in various industries: metallurgy, energy, building materials, transportation, and other heavy industry. The materials features the high hardness which is not easily to mold. 
How to work?
The active shaft and the passive shaft are guaranteed to run synchronously with the open gear. Hydraulic device is installed behind the passive bearing seat.
The screw feeding device is driven by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is rotated by the pulley and worm reducer, which will press the material into the inlet.
Because of the constant moment characteristic of electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, when the pressure volume of the screw feeder is equal to that of the host, the constant feed pressure can keep the ball mass stable.
If the feeding quantity is too large, the electric overload of the feeding device; too small for a ball. Therefore, skillful operation is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of pressure ball.
The hydraulic protection device is the hydraulic pressure pump to drive the high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, which causes the piston to produce axial displacement. The head of the piston rod is on the bearing seat to meet the requirements of production pressure .
When between two rollers feeding into the metal, or too much of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod pressure overload, hydraulic pump will stop buffer effect to the pressure change, accumulator, overflow valve open back to oil, the piston rod shift between the roller gap increased so hard objects through the roller, the system pressure returned to normal, can protect the roller damage. The machine can adjust the pressure according to the pressure ball density and the production maneuver is flexible.
1. Large capacity and production rate. This type briquette machine can suit for various industries, so the one machine can serve different purposes. And the machine can mold the ball one time. The briquette machine can press the dry powders to be balls which have less water content. The advanced technology can make the machine work normally without any blockage in a long time work.
2. Low maintenance. The machine features the compact structure and reasonable design, so it is less wear and it reduces the cost of labor. The machine qualified the CE and ISO certification which are recognized by domestic and abroad.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection. The usage of the briquette machine reduces pollution and reduces the land occupation. It also can reduce the waste powders that makes them become useful materials.
4. Less occupation and convenient transportation. The simple structure makes it to install easily. It can install the wheels to transport easily. Our engineers can design the machine by your requirements.
5. High waste utilization rate. The briquette machine can turn the waste powder to be the useful materials and save the energy to make a sustainable development.
6. Good economical and social benefits. It achieves the standards of society and environmental protection. It features low investment and high benefit. The new type industry has become more and more popular in modern society.