Mineral powder briquette machine

The mineral powder briquette machine is a kind of briquette machine which specially used in the all kinds of iron powder and mineral powder.

What is mineral powder briquette machine?

The mineral powder briquette machine is a kind of briquette machine which specially used in the all kinds of iron powder and mineral powder. The powder briquette equipment which is a kind of pellet equipment for various kinds of iron powder and mineral powder.

The briquette machine is mainly used to suppress all kinds of iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide, steel slag, etc. All materials that need to be burned by powder are required to press in the briquette machine.

Before lime powder metallurgical industry in our country mostly abandoned, or to do other things, which caused great waste of resources, as the resources increasingly tense energy. So the use of lime powder metallurgy industry  is more and more to get people's attention.

Since 2002, the metallurgical industry has studied the scientific research and solved the problem. In this case, it is used to the briquette machine with high pressure powder to press the kiln powder into pellets for smelting.


For what ?

The mineral powder briquette machine can be used to suppress pressed coal, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum, iron, tin oxide, carbon powder, coal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin clay, activated carbon, and at the waste material of the coke powder, powder, waste, waste residue and so on. It is widely used in refractory material, power plants, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating and other industries. The press materials feature the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, convenience of transportation, that will greatly improve the utilization of waste and has a good economic and social benefits.

The briquette machine is a direct machine for making raw materials after polarization without adding water. Any material that has a powdery substance need to be burned is required to press in the briquette machine.

High pressure, high strength mine powder press, all metallurgical industrial waste, auxiliary materials all need to bein the furnace, all need the powder briquette machine to complete. For example: dust, ash, pond mud, oxide skin, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum dust, silica manganese powder, etc.


How to work?

1. Feeding part. It is mainly to meet the quantitative feeding to make sure that the material enters into the roller equally.

The screw feeding device is driven by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is rotated by the pulley and worm reducer, which will press the material into the inlet.

2. Drive part. The main transmission system is: electric motor - triangle strip - decelerator - open gear - roll.

The main engine is powered by electromagnetic speed regulating motor. It is transmitted to the driving shaft through the rod pin coupling from  the belt wheel to  the cylinder gear reducer.

3. Forming part. That mainly refers to the main part of the main engine. The core part is the roll.

When between two rollers feeding into the metal, or too much of the hydraulic cylinder live pressure ball machine plug rod pressure overload, the piston rod shift between the roller gap increased so hard objects through the roller, the system pressure returned to normal, can protect the roller damage. The machine can adjust the pressure according to the pressure ball density and the production maneuver is flexible.

Work principle

The roller skin of the pallet roller is cast by 65 manganese. The hardness can reach up to 58 degrees after special heat treatment. The rolls are assembled by the assembly. The rolls can be replaced after wear. The machine has a cushioning device, which can protect the equipment from hard impact pressure. The ball mixing machine is designed to make the two roll ball bowls in adjustable range and never misplace.

The briquette machine’s main motor structure principle: the v-belt through to gear reducer with gear reducer coupling to drive shaft by a pair of open gear again. The two roller synchronous (constant speed reverse which the passive roller hydraulic oil cylinder piston to resist by oblique iron to resist constant pressure type), by the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic pressure control valve and the accumulator guarantee system. That material storage bin by quantitative equipment evenly into the hopper, through the adjustment damper adjustment on the hopper, which are evenly in the middle of the roll of material. The constant speed reverse operation of the unit to compress roll material molding pressure changes from small to big, in the peak of roll center of molding pressure. Material over the line, the molding pressure decreases rapidly to take off the ball material into the state, until it takes off the ball.



1. High resource utilization and production efficiency. The mineral powder briquette machine makes use of the new technology to improve the efficiency of the briquette machine. Compared with the same type briquette machine, the mineral powder briquette machine has the benefit of environment protection and waste used again.

2. Less pollution and environment protection. The machine turns the powder to the ball, which reduce the air pollution and realize the standards of the government. It also promotes the environmental protection awareness of people.

3. Easy maintenance and long service life. The reasonable structure of the briquette machine reduces the wear to prolong the use life.

4. Flexible operation and wide application. More and more industries are applied to the briquette machine. In addition, the shape of the final products can be adjusted by the requirements of people, which can meet the different requirements and one machine serves more purposes.