Metal Powder Briquetting Machine

What is metal powder briquetting machine?Metal powder briquetting machine is a kind of equipment for pressing metal powder material into balls.

What is metal powder briquetting machine?

Metal powder briquetting machine is a kind of equipment for pressing metal powder material into balls. It is a specialized equipment for metal powder material forming in many fields, such as metallurgy industry, energy industry and so on. The material after being pressed by powder briquetting machine, in the process of utilization is very convenient, the efficiency is also improved, dust emission is reduced and the utilization rate of resources is increased. So it has good economical and social benefits.



1.It can press material widely. The metal powder briquetting machine not only can suppress many kinds of metal powder materials, such as iron powder and metal powder recovery, but also has good compacting effect on other kinds of materials, such as coal slime, coal powder, coke powder, etc.

2.It has strong pressure. One of the major characteristics of metal powder briquetting press is the strong pressure. It is satisfactory for the compaction of metal powder material with high hardness and difficult to form.

3.It is simple to operate. In operation, the metal powder briquetting  machine is easy to operate, and the general operator can go on the job after a simple training. In addition, according to the manufacturer's suggestion and guidance, it can save labor cost. Metal powder briquetting machine through the use and improvement of industry for many years, compared with other similar products, metal powder briquetting machine has a ball high rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy maintenance and debugging and other advantages. It is the pressure ball, an ideal granulating equipment.


How to work?

Metal powder briquetting machine, as well as other types of ball press equipment, is composed of three parts: feeding, transmission and molding.

1.Feeding section

Metal powder pressure ball machine screw feeding device driven by electromagnetic adjustable speed motor through a belt pulley, worm gear reducer to rotate, pressure will be forced into the material feeding port. Due to the constant torque characteristic of the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the constant feeding pressure can be maintained when the material quantity of the screw feeding machine is equal to that required by the host machine, so that the pellet quality is stable.

2.Transmission part

The main frame of a metal ball press machine is powered by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is transmitted to the drive shaft via a belt pulley, a cylindrical gear reducer, and a pin coupling.

3.Molding part

Metal powder briquetting machine is mainly caused by hydraulic pump high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, the piston to produce axial displacement.


For what?

The briquette machine is used to press dry powder with granule material which without moisture and difficult to form, such as lime block after screened sludge, light burning magnesium powder, light burned dolomite, refractory material, metallurgical materials, aluminum gray and aluminum scrap, etc. You have hydraulic and mechanical adjust pressure to select. Forming pressure can according requires to adjust. It can be used to suppress iron powder, recycled metal powder, iron filings, oxide scales, slag and other materials. And it is widely used in metallurgy, refractories, chemicals, energy and other industries and fields.