Metal filing briquette press

In all kinds of metallurgical powder cold pressing pellet production, all powder material need to press the ball, which are required to complete the metal ball press production.
What is metal filing briquette press?
In all kinds of metallurgical powder cold pressing pellet production, all powder material need to press the ball, which are required to complete the metal ball press production, such as: pulverized coal, coke powder, all kinds of black non-ferrous metal ore powder, iron oxide skin and dust, sludge, refractory and so on. It also can be designed and manufactured high-pressure, high-strength metal crimping machine, so that the piston axial can displace it. The front end of the piston rod is on the bearing seat to satisfy the consumption pressure request. Forming local, the most important that refers to the local part is the central part of the roll. Mainly used for non- colored and ferrous metal slag of the ball made fast, directly into the furnace smelting, increase the added value.
How to work?
The metal pressure ball press between the two pressure roller to make the metal filing press the ball. The hydraulic cylinder pressure ball machine plug pressure overload, then the hydraulic pump will stop, so that the accumulator on the pressure change from the buffer effect. The overflow valve opens the oil return, the piston rod displacement so that the gap between the pressure roller so that the hard objects through the pressure roller. The system pressure is normal, which can cover the pressure roller does not destroy.
Desulfurized gypsum contains a certain amount of calcium carbonate and more water-soluble salts, mixed with gypsum cement coagulation time is normal, the mechanical properties of cement and stability have a positive effect, the transport process is easy to adhere to the equipment, if it is directly used for cement production will cause the material delivery is poor, mixed uneven, normal production and other problems. And the wet desulfurized gypsum first into the ball treatment, so that sent to the physical properties, to reduce the adhesion between the material, and to increase mobility can completely change the desulfurized gypsum in the cement production process

For what?
A briquette meeting required strength that is formed in an energy-saving manner from ferrous metal working scrap, such as grinding chips, and a method of making the briquette are provided. In a briquette formed by applying a pressing pressure to a ferrous metal working scrap, the percentage by weight of grinding chips is in the range of 10 wt % to 35 wt %.
Viscous water-containing grinding chips crushed to a desired size and metal working scrap, such as gear cutting chips, are mixed in a feed hopper, and a pressing pressure is then applied to the raw mix by use of a compression pressing machine to form a briquette of ferrous metal working scrap. The content of a grinding fluid of the viscous water-containing grinding chips is 20 wt % to 60 wt %.
1. High resource utilization rate and capacity. The metal filing briquette machine makes use of the new technology to improve the efficiency of the briquette machine. Compared with the same type briquette machine, this type briquette machine has the benefit of environment protection .
2. Saving-energy and environment protection. The machine turns the powder into the ball, which reduce the air pollution and realize the standards of the government. It also promotes the environmental protection awareness of people.
3. Easy maintenance and long lifespan. The reasonable and compact structure of the machine reduces the wear rate to prolong the service  life.
4. Flexible and wide application. In modern society, a number of industries are applied to this kind of briquette machine. What’s more,  the shape of the final products can be adjusted by the requirements of people, which can meet the different usages.