Hydrostatic pressure briquette machine

Hydrostatic pressure briquette machine is a briquette machine which can briquette all kinds of metal powder, mineral powder, coal powder and other materials to mold.
What is hydrostatic pressure briquette machine?
Hydrostatic pressure briquette machine is a briquette machine which can briquette all kinds of metal powder, mineral powder, coal powder and other materials to mold. Due to the squeeze of roller, the final products feature the high tensity, high strength, high hardness. The rollers adopt 650mn hard materials to prolong the service life.
For what ?
Hydrostatic pressure ball press machine features advanced technology, reliable quality, multiple use, high pressure, so that it is suitable for the large, medium and small-sized companies to establish a production line with a certain production scale.
Hydrostatic pressure briquette machine adopt the advanced technology to develop the new type products in accordance with the same industry at home and aboard. The whole machine has high stiff. The rollers adopt anti-wear ally to made. The bearing adopt the rolling mill bearing series. The hydrostatic briquette machine can be used in processing all kinds of materials, powders, such as crystal rock, alumina, fertilizer, metal magnesium powder, bauxite, aluminum ash and other refractory materials. There are many industries used the briquette machine.
Hydrostatic pressure briquette machine is suitable for moldings materials in industrial gas, boiler, cold type focus, ignition coal, civil coal, civil metallurgy, refractory, medicine and other materials.
The briquette machine can be used for briquetting, pelleting or ball pressing of aluminum powder, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, charcoal, clay, coke breeze, coal, cryolite, fertilizers, plastics, limestone, pigments, urea, potassium salt, etc. The machine can reduce dust, control bulk density, realize the recycle utilization and improve the transport properties. 
Hydrostatic pressure briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing all types of iron powder, ore powder, sinter, steel slag and refractory, and all the powdery materials that need clinkering will need to use mineral powder ball press machine. Previously the lime powers in the metallurgical industry were discarded or used in other industries, which causes huge waste of resources. With the increasing tension of energy and resources, the utilization of lime powders in the metallurgical industry is getting more and more attention.
How to work?
Work principle: The drive by the reducer to two rollers and make the two rollers rotate move towards each other in opposite directions. In the rotation of two rollers, the materials can enter the ball mold naturally. The force, the materials bear, is large or small. When the materials move to the contact point, the pressure which materials bear up to the max. Under the large line pressure, the materials turn powder to final products.
The hydraulic protection device through the hydraulic bump to make the high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder so that the piston to move on.
The head of the piston rod is on the bearing seat to meet the production pressure requirement.
When The materials between two roller fed into the metal, or too much of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod pressure overload, hydraulic pump will stop buffer effect to the pressure change, accumulator. It makes  overflow valve open back to oil, then the piston rod shift between the roller gap increased, so that hard objects through the roller. Due to that, the system pressure returned to normal, which can protect the roller damage.
The machine can adjust the pressure according to the pressure ball density and the production maneuver is flexible.
1. High capacity and good quality of final products. The machine adopts the advanced technology to improve the capacity and quality of final products. The final products are equal and compact.
 2. Low energy consumption and environmental protection. The briquette machine make the efficiency of the machine improved and reduce the waste, so it is good for environment. Low wear rate and maintenance cost. Compact structure and easy operation can reduce the labor cost and maintenance cost.
3. High quality and reasonable design. It can make the machine have less wear and can work normally for a long time. The high quality materials also can prolong the service life and improve the performance.
4. Flexible operation and wide application. The machine can be used in refractory, building materials, metallurgy, energy and other heavy-duty industries.
5. Good investment benefit. Only little investment can get more economical benefit. The machine is durable which has lower price, so the many customers are recognized the machine.