High pressure briquette press machine

The ball making blocks of colored and ferrous mineral powders are directly smelted into the furnace to increase the added value.

What is high pressure briquette press machine?

The ball making blocks of colored and ferrous mineral powders are directly smelted into the furnace to increase the added value. All metallurgical industry waste and auxiliary materials that need to furnace, all need ball press machine to complete. For example, dust, mud, oxide skin, slag, iron powder, aluminum powder, manganese powder, and so on. The utility model is mainly used for making balls of colored and ferrous metal mineral powder, and rapidly smelting into the furnace and increasing the added value. A variety of powder (such as magnesia, bauxite, dolomite, iron powder, etc.) can be produced by forced pressurization, pre pressing, spiral precision machining, and made into a ball with relatively large density. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, coal and refractory materials and other heavy duty industries.


For what? 

High pressure briquette press machine is mainly used for suppression of pulverized coal, lignite, iron, coal, aluminum, iron oxide, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, such as coke powder, powder, waste, waste residue. It is widely used in refractories, metallurgy, chemical industry, power plant, energy, transportation, heating and other industries. The material produced by the ball pressing machine saves energy and environment, and is convenient for transportation. It improves the utilization rate of waste material, and has good economic and social benefits.


How to work?

The main engine is powered by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is transmitted to the drive shaft via a belt pulley, a cylindrical gear reducer, and a pin coupling. The driving shaft and the passive shaft ensure the synchronous operation through the open gear. A hydraulic device is mounted behind the passive bearing housing. The screw feeding device is driven by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is pressed by a belt pulley and a worm reducer to press the pressed material into the main feeding port. Due to the constant torque characteristic of the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the constant feeding pressure can be maintained when the material quantity of the screw feeding machine is equal to that required by the host machine, so that the pellet quality is stable. If the feed capacity is too large, the electric overload of the feeding device is too small and the ball can not be made into balls. Therefore, skilled operation technique is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the ball. 

The hydraulic protection device is used to pump the high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder by the hydraulic pump, so that the piston can produce axial displacement. The front end of the piston rod is attached to the bearing seat to meet the production pressure requirements. When the pressure between the two roller feeding too much or into the metal block, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder pressure overload, hydraulic pump will stop, accumulator has buffering effect on the pressure relief valve to open the oil return, the piston rod roller gap displacement increase so hard by pressure roller, pressure recovery system normal, which can protect the roller damage. The machine can adjust the pressure according to the requirement of the ball density, and flexible production.



1. High press rate. The utility model relates to a high pressure briquette press machine, which is mainly used for pressing powder material which is difficult to form.

2. Flexible operation. The utility model is characterized in that the forming pressure is large, the rotation speed of the main machine is adjustable, and a screw feeding device is provided. 

3. Low energy consumption. The high effective press rate can ensure the large capacity and reduce the energy consumption to protect the environment.