Dry powder briquette machine

The dry powder briquette machine , a kind of briquette machine which is specially use the dry powder to briquette some balls.
What is the Dry powder briquette machine?
The dry powder briquette machine , a kind of briquette machine which is specially use the dry powder to briquette some balls. The shape and size can be adjusted in accordance with the customers’ requirements. The drypowder can be coal powder, charcoal powder, chemical materials. Powder and any other dry powder materials. Compared with other similar products, the series of ball press machines has many obvious advantages, such as multifunctional production and high-efficiency, high degree of compression, low maintenance and energy-saving, etc.
This briquette machine can make fertilizer, pills, fodder, highly-efficient fuel out of chemical materials as well as other biological raw materials, such as sawdust, crop straw, agriculture waste, etc. Therefore, the machine is widely used in fertilizer plant, medical industry and agriculture. The final products are energy-saving, easy transportation, and higher utilization of waste with good economic and  social  benefits.
It can press the dry materials into the required shapes without adding any binder. The machine is mainly used in the ball pressing process of briquette active dry powder, such as quicklime powder and magnesium oxide. The machine has a range of applications in the industries of refractory materials, power plant, metallurgy industry, chemical engineering industry, energy, transportation and heat supply and other industries. It’s also suitable for the waste and waste residue: gypsum, gangue, sludge, kaolin, active carbon, iron powder, aluminum powder, iron oxide powder, carbon powder, slurry, and dusk coke.
The dry powder briquette machine, that is the machine which can be used in pressing various powdered materials. What’s more, the water content of materials is low. After molding by the briquette machine, the material features energy-saving, environmental protection, convenient transportation. That will improve the utilization rate of waste, have good economic benefit and social benefit.
How to work?
Work principle:
When the main motor started, through V-belt, reached to the reducer. Then the main motor through a shaft coupling to the drive shaft by a pair of open gear, to insure two roller axis synchronous, which the passive roller is composed of a hydraulic oil cylinder piston (at constant pressure by the oblique iron counter). By a hydraulic circuit and hydraulic control valve and the accumulator which can guarantee the system pressure, the material from the storage bin through quantitative device evenly into the machine through the hopper. Hopper gate regulation can make the material uniformly into the middle of roller, to do the reverse operation to roll compression molding materials with single pressure changes from small to big. When the reverse operation of roller the center line of molding pressure reaches to largest, then the molding pressure diminishes rapidly, so that the material into the removal ball from the mold.
For what?
Wide application:
The dry powder briquette machine is widely used in the industry of industrial gas, coal boiler, coke, coal fire, civil coal, metallurgy industry, refractory materials and other materials. The equipment is mainly used to produce coal ball, all kinds of metallurgical powder cold pressed production. Whatever the powdery material, it must press the ball all to have to press the briquette machine to complete. There are some kinds of powders which are suitable for this type briquette machine: coal, coke powder various black non-ferrous metal powders, iron oxide, dust, sludge, refractory materials.
1.  High-efficiency production. This type briquette machine can be used in various industries, so the one machine serves many purposes. And the machine can make the ball at one time.
2. High degree of compression. The briquette machine can make the dry powders to be balls which have less water. The advanced technology can make the machine work normally without any blockage. 
3. Low maintenance. The machine features the compact structure and reasonable design, so it is less wear and it reduces the cost of labor. The machine qualified the CE and ISO certified.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection. The usage of the briquette machine reduces the air pollution and the soil pollution. It also can reduce the waste powder that makes it become useful materials.
5. Less occupation and convenient transportation. The simple structure makes it to install easily. It can install the wheels to transport easily. Our engineers can design the machine by your requirements.
6. High waste utilization rate. The briquette machine can make the abandoned waste powder to be the useful materials. Waste turns to treasure.
7. Good economical benefits and social results. It meets the standards of society and environment protection. Low investment and high benefit.  The new type industry has become more and more popular in modern society.