Charcoal Stick Machine

According to the models of charcoal sticks machine, it can be divided into 50 model charcoal stick machine and 70 model charcoal stick machine.

What is charcoal stick machine?

According to the models of charcoal sticks machine, it can be divided into 50 model charcoal stick machine and 70 model charcoal stick machine. The charcoal stick machine makes use of the trees, rice husk, peanut shell, straw and other carbon materials make charcoal sticks without other additive or binder. In the high temperature and high pressure condition, it is the main briquette equipment to produce charcoal sticks.

 The machine adopts the advanced automatic thermostat to complete the whole production line. In a certain temperature condition, the machine can work normally and it features the reasonable structure and simple operation. The final products can be fired easily. Less pollution  and easy transportation or storage. The waste can turn to the treasure, so the charcoal stick machine becomes more and more important in modern society.

 This type briquette machine is also called the wood chips briquette machine, rice husk briquette machine, and sawdust briquette machine, etc. The briquette machine is the main equipment of producing artificial charcoal. It can make the bamboo, tree, nut, straw whose moisture content is less than 12%,in the no any binder, by high temperature and high pressure to extrude to the charcoal sticks with a hole inside.


For what?

The charcoal stick machine has a wide application : There are some materials Which are suitable to briquette the charcoal sticks: sawdust, branches, rice shells, peanut shells, shavings, bamboo cuttings, bamboo dust, peanut peels, sunflower husks, furfural slag, liquorice, bagasse, corn, coconut shells, coffee shells.

There are a number of industries will apply to the charcoal stick briquette machine:agriculture , food industry (BBQ), home use,heating system and other carbon industry. The charcoal stick machine can make the waste grains become the useful fuel. In food industry, it can serve as the fuel for smoked food or roast food. It also can be used as a fuel for home use to supply the energy or heat in winner.


How to work?

The production process: The charcoal stick machine uses sawdust, crop stalks (corn stalk, big haulm, sorghum stalk, cotton, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grasses, shrubs, bamboo and wood cutter head, head, bagasse as the raw materials, in the role of the spring propeller and heating ring to form a high temperature and high pressure area to make the raw materials become charcoal sticks. From the feeding port to the discharging port, there are no any binder or additive in the briquette process. What’s more, the briquette process can mold the charcoal at one time.

 The final products feature the highest density, less volume, good flammability, which can replace the fire and coal to serve as the new type energy. The shape of final products can be adjusted by the requirements of customers, such as a hollow four or six - angle. It can also be made the final products into various shapes of spherical, granular and honeycombed coal in accordance with the customer’s requirements.



1. Advanced technology and high capacity. Enlarge the screw pitch and feeding rate to greatly improve the capacity. The automatic control of electric heating devices can adjust the dry degree or humidity to ensure the stable discharge and improve the efficiency of the work.

2. Less wear and easy maintenance. The main part of the product adopts the refractory materials by special treatment, so the machine can work constantly for a whole day and the less wear rate to ensure the highest capacity. The reasonable structure of the briquette machine reduces the wear to prolong the use life.

3. Less energy consumption and environmental protection. It is suitable for the biomass raw materials to briquette and mold. Reasonable structure, less occupation. The simple structure makes the operation become easier and it saves the work force and energy. The machine turns the waste materials into charcoal sticks, which reduce the air pollution and meet the standards of the government. It also promotes the environmental protection awareness of people and get good  benefit effect.

4. High quality products. The structure can be improved and reduce the frictional force between machine and materials to add the density of the mandrel.

5. Flexible operation, wide application and easy operation. The simple structure of the briquette machine makes the operation easy,  less wear rate and less labor cost. More and more industries are applied to the briquette machine. In addition, the shape of the final products can be adjusted by the requirements of people, which can meet the different requirements and one machine serves more purposes.