Alumina briquette press machine

The alumina briquette press machine is a kind of briquette machine , which is specially used in pressing alumina powder or alumina ores.

What is alumina briquette press machine ?

The alumina briquette press machine is a kind of briquette machine , which is specially used in pressing alumina powder or alumina ores. The briquette machine is also used to press alumina iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide, and steel slag. All materials that need to be burned so that powder are required to press in the briquette machine.

With the development of economy and society, the awareness of environmental protection become more and more important. In this case, it is used to this type briquette machine to press the alumina powder into pellets for smelting.

The shape of the final briquettes: round ball shape, oval shape, pillow sh-ape, egg shape, square shape, etc.

In order to ensure the good quality and mechanical strength of the final product, special care should be taken to ensure that the granule size fed to the machine  which is maintained below 3mm, preferable in the range of 40% small than 1mm, with no more than 10% over 2mm.

The moisture content of the mixture has also a critical effect on the quality of the final product, so it should be kept in the range of 8-20%.

The pressed materials feature energy conservation, environmental protection, convenient transportation, that will greatly improve the utilization of waste and has a good economical and social benefits.


For what?

It is mainly used to suppress coal, charcoal powder, iron powder, coke, aluminum powder, scrap iron, iron oxide skin, toner, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke breeze and many other powder or dregs into small balls, such as round, pillow, diomand and so on.   

There are some application: Home heating stoves, hot water boilers and the industrial boilers. There are some industries which use the briquette machine: building materials, refractory, metallurgy, energy, etc.


How to work?

1. Feeding part. It is mainly to meet the quantitative feeding to make sure that the material enters into the rollers equally.The screw feeding device is driven by electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is rotated by the pulley and worm reducer, which will press the material into the inlet.

2. Drive part. The main transmission system: electric motor - triangle strip - decelerator - open gear - roll. The main engine is powered by electromagnetic speed regulating motor. It is transmitted to the driving shaft through the rod pin coupling from  the belt wheel to  the cylinder gear reducer.

3. Forming part. That mainly refers to the main part of the main engine. The core part is the roll.During the producing process, the shape of final briquettes determine 

whether the full burning of materials or not, and also determine the air permeability in smelting. It plays an important role in whole producing technology. In actual use, the final shape is more irregular, the burning and air permeability is more better. Calculation according to the technology theory, If the shape of final briquettes belongs to the multiple polygons, the contact area will be more, which will benefit the burning and smelting. But meanwhile which also increase the processing difficulty of mold. Because of this,  many enterprises can not do this production, they just can do the round shape briquettes. That is also the reason why the round shape is popular in market. 

The casting technology on mold is mature, one-step molding . The mold material can be nickel,  manganese, metallic titanium  with high strength ,good tenacity and durability. All these technology have solved the problem of non- wear resistance . 



1. High resource utilization and production efficiency. The mineral powder briquette machine makes use of the new technology to improve the efficiency of the briquette machine. Compared with the same type briquette machine, the mineral powder briquette machine has the benefit of environment protection and waste used again. 

2. Less pollution and environment protection. The machine turns the powder to the ball, which reduce the air pollution and realize the standards of the government. It also promotes the environmental protection awareness of people. 

3. Easy maintenance and long service life. The reasonable structure of the briquette machine reduces the wear to prolong the use life.

 4. Flexible operation and wide application. More and more industries are applied to the briquette machine. In addition, the shape of the final products can be adjusted by the requirements of people, which can meet the different applications.