Wood crusher

What is wood crusher?The machine is a kind of wood powder machine in wood crushing, also known as timber mill mainly broken wood, wood and other

What is wood crusher?

The machine is a kind of wood powder machine in wood crushing, also known as timber mill mainly broken wood, wood and other items. It can make the wood to reach the highest value and reduce environmental pollution. It is a quicker, ideal and affordable equipment for breaking wood in the crusher. The shape of the finished product can be adjusted freely from sawdust, granule to flake. At present, it is mainly divided into: general wood crusher, small wood crusher, large wood crusher, standard wood crusher, wood chip machine and so on.


For what?

Wood crusher can be used for crushing the following materials: bamboo powder, fruit, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, konjac, Xuan Ma, rice husk, straw, corn cob, starch grains, dried small shrimps, fish, shellfish, seaweed, dried vegetables, hawthorn, ginger, garlic, pumpkin powder, seasoning, jujube paper, board, plastic products, chemical raw materials, water, condiments, feed, mica, graphite, bentonite, perlite, lees, furfural, Binglei, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose, starch residue, tea, hair, soybean meal, cotton, refined cotton, leather, sheepskin, plant root, stem. It is an ideal disintegrator in chemical industry, building materials, medicine, health care, breeding, food, mosquito repellent incense and so on.



1.Wood crusher (sawdust grinder, wood crusher) fine production.

2.The utility model has the advantages of high processing technology, double layer machine body, water injection into the body, and water cooling effect.

3.Loaded with a new type of material, play a sound insulation, heat dissipation function.

4.Wood crusher in production and use, it has small noise, no vibration.


How to work?

The structure of this machine is divided into main engine (wood crusher, main machine) and auxiliary machine (air separator, draft fan, dust collector, dust collector). Powder collector (also known as centrifugal separator), it can meet the requirements of grinding powder particles with the fan airflow through the air pipe cutting powder into the set, the air carries the powder produced by the rotation, the powder material particles thrown to the cylinder wall and then through the settlement to the discharge port, and automatically enter the powder bag.

The main body of the dust catcher is a box body, and the lower part of the box body is provided with an ash door, and the box body is to be arranged in a vertical frame. Vertical frame body covered with dust bag, receiving from the centrifugal separator gas containing dust. Enter the box from the entrance of the box and discharge into the outside space through the bag. The dust removing efficiency of the filter bag dust collector can reach more than 99%. Therefore, no pollution to the working environment. When the dust filter resistance will rise, at this time you can choose to stop and use the break time for manual cleaning. When you clean up the dust bag, hand shake bag for several seconds, so that sticky dust on the surface of the filter bag shake down, shake off the dust directly to the dust collecting bag through the door into the box to remove dust. Green environmental protection, absolutely no pollution. The draft fan is a centrifugal fan, which mainly provides the appropriate wind pressure and air volume for the unit production, and plays the role of dust removal.