Sawdust crusher

The sawdust crusher is also called the wood chip crusher, which is a kind of professional equipment to produce high quality sawdust.

What is the sawdust crusher?

The sawdust crusher is also called the wood chip crusher, which is a kind of professional equipment to produce high quality sawdust.

The machine is widely used in paper-making, edible fungus, mechanism charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, high density board, medium fiberboard and other industry materials and single sawdust production. The raw materials of the crusher are logged, branches of trees. This type sawdust crusher adopts the low pressure and high pressure motor. The machine is an ideal investment product which features good benefit of economy and society.


For what?

The sawdust is a kind of necessary product in the paper-making industry. It is especially used to crush the bamboo, waste wood and other trees. The processed materials can be used to make paper. In the market, the paper-making plant adopts the advanced technology to produce the final products. The sawdust crusher can process the pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir, log and bamboo. Because of the compact structure and less occupation, high quality and low energy consumption, it is suitable for the medium and small type chipboard and fiberboard industry. It also can suit for the wood chip of private processing.

The usage of the crushed sawdust.

1. Ideal economical products. By the high temperature and high pressure of the briquette machine, the pressed artificial charcoal is a kind of ideal low investment products.

2. Various boards. In the furniture plant, sawdust can be served as the materials which can produce the particle board, high density board, and medium fiber board. The usage of sawdust crusher can protect the environment and reduce the waste of resources.

3. Fuel. It can be as the fuel of the smoked food. After the sawdust has been smashed and dried, the system is made of charcoal, which is used for industrial production, catering and home heating supply.

4. Oil absorption. The shape of the sawdust is the particles, so it serves as raw materials of oil absorption. In many factories, the sawdust is specially used in washing hands.

5. Pulping . Sawdust can be used as pulping in a paper mill.

6. Fertilizer. It can be served as fertilizer for cultivate plants and flowers.


How to work?

Work principle: The highly effective wood chip crusher adopts the knife crush and high speed impact to collide the double crush as a whole, at the same time, it completes the procedure of screening and processing. In the process of the knife crush, the rotation movement can make the high speed airflow so that the materials can speed up with the direction of the knife crush to speed up the crushing rate of the materials effectively. The inside structure of sawdust crusher consist of upper host, lining board, crushing tool, lower body, rotor, fan, discharge tube, base frame, and bag filter. The unique lining board adds the wear rate of the equipment, and the dust removal equipment solves the problems of dust pollution. The workers cannot be affected by the dust under the normal operation condition. What’s more, the screened final products is clean.

The sawdust crusher can be divided into larger wood chips, dish-type wood cutting machine. They are also can be divided into the belt drive and dish-type wood cutting machine. The feeding ports can be divided into the two kinds: horizon feeding port and inclination feeding port. The way of discharge can be divided into upper discharge and bottom discharge. 



1. High capacity. The sawdust crusher adopts advanced technology to improve the production rate. In addition, the sawdust features high quality and high production capacity. It turns the waste wood to the treasure, which saves energy and gets good economic and social benefit.

2. Low wear cost. The sawdust crusher equips the inside lining board to promote the anti-wear degree of equipment. There are no need workers to repair the machine timely , so it reduces the labor maintenance cost.

3. Environmental protection. The cyclone of the sawdust crusher can solve the problems of pollution to improve the quality of work environment.

4. Low investment cost and longer service life. Low occupation and easy operation. The reasonable structure and high quality materials make the production cost become lower. The advanced technology and good skills can improve the capacity and prolong the service life of the machine. It features the high comprehensive benefit and high output.

5. Easy maintenance and reasonable structure. The simple structure can make the operation become easier. The reasonable structure can avoid a lot of problems in normal working condition.