Sand Dryer

Introduction of  Sand Dryer :

Sand drying machine is also named as yellow sand dryer,It is a sort of drying machine that can handle a large amount of materials.Owing to the reliable operation,flexible manipulation,large capacity,excellent adaptation of the machine,this roasting equipment is widely used in construction industry,metallurgical industry,mining industry,food industry etc.

The yellow sand drying machine is a kind of rotary dryer,Generally adapted to granular materials,semi-arid sticky paste materials or meterials with higher water content .especially for roasting sand ,this dryer can operate more excellent.It has the advantage of large capacity,wide range of applications,lower flow resistance,easy operation ,and allowing fluctuation on processing .

The Working Principle of Sand Dryer :

1.The mineral waste residue are conveyed to silo by belt conveyor or bucket elevator ,and transport to the feed end by the feeder of silo .(The inclination of the feeding pipeline should be exceed the natural inclination of materials ,so that to facilite ore to flow into roasting machine smoothly) .The rotating cylinder of the machine is slighly inclined to the horizon .

2.To feed the material from the higher end and the heat carrier enter from the lower end ,such produce adverse contact between them .sometimes,they can be fed to the cylinder together .As the cylinder running,ores carried to the lower side by the gravity.

3.In the process of moving fruward ,the wet raw material being roasted by the heat directly or indirectly .

4.The finished items turn out via belt conveyor or spiral conveyor.There is shoveling plate installed in the tank with function of shoveling the materials up and down,to enlarge the contact area between airflow and materials and to enhance the efficiency .

After drying ,we need cyclone dust collector to catch the items in the addition ,we should use bag tyoe or wet-type dust collector and afterward discharge the waste gas,if you intend to further reduce the dust load of the exhaust .

The ingredients of sand is silicon dioxide which is usually in the form of quartz ,Its chemical stability and texture hard enough to resist air-slake .Sand is composed of the minerals and tiny pieces of rock .Rock fragments of rocks formed by erosion and weathering .And the ingredient of sand is vary from different place .Such as ,Arkose is a kind of sand or sandstone with high content of feldspar (aluminum silicate ),usually formed by weathering and erosion of granites .

Sand is a natural materials ,containing a lot of water and impurities ,the advent of the sand dryer is undoubtedly will solve the problem of dehumidification of sand,and reduce the burden of tedious work.Moreover,the sand roasting machine is developed on the actual situation of sand and gravel industry ,combined with advanced technology .

This series of sand dryers are specially designed for sand drying. It has the dedicated structures not only for the dryer itself, but also for it's equiped machines to avoid the sand being stick to inside walls of the machines and regaining moisture after drying. The dryer is wrapped a layer of insulating course to reduce heat loss.

The Main Technical Parameter of Sand Dryer:





Revolving speed










KFJX 0.6*8 3-5 8 2.26 4   2.9
KFJX 0.8*10 3-5 7.2 5.02 4   4.5
KFJX 1.0*10 3-5 6.73 7.85 5.5 5-8 5.6
KFJX 1.2*12 3-5 5.8 13.31 11 8-12 14.8
KFJX 1.5*12 3-5 4.8 21.2 15 10-15 17.8
KFJX 1.8*14 3-5 3.2 48.22 30 12-18 27
KFJX 2.2*18 3-5 3 70.43 37 15-20 53.8
KFJX 2.4*20 3-5 2.83 90.43 45 20-25 60
KFJX 2.8*24 3-5 2.59 147.8 75 25-30 67
KFJX 3*20 3-5 1.5-5 141.3 55 25-35 78
KFJX 3*25 3-5 1.5-5 176.6 75 32-40 104

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