Rotary Dryer

Description of the Rotary Dryer :

Rotary dryer is also called rotary drying machine or drum dryer , it is a drying equipment widely used in mining industry, It can apply to dry metal and magnetic ,heavy , floating concentrate, clay cement industries and slime coal ,etc . It has the advantages of high efficiency ,easy operation.

Rotary dryer classification:

According to the drying medium and the heat transfer between the wet materials, this type dryers can be divided into two kinds:direct heat rotary drum dryer (drying medium in direct contact with the wet material to transfer heat) and indirect heat rotary drum dryer (heat required by the cylinder wall indirectly passed to the wet material). Indirect heat transfer drum dryer is inefficient, complex structure and other reasons, rarely used, not in this introduction.

Rotary Drying Machine Working Principle:

Dried wet material is transferred to the hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, then by hopper’s  feeding machine through charging pipeline into charging port. Feeding pipeline rake angle is bigger than the natural angle, so that materials flow smoothly into drier materials. Dryer drum is a slightly titled rotating cylinder with the horizontal .Materials are fed from higher end, heating medium is fed from the low end, and with materials counter-current contact, also have heat body and material together and flow into cylinder .With the rotation of the cylinder, materials because of gravity run to the end .Wet materials in the cylinder body forward moment process , directly or indirectly got heat body heat , make wet materials to dry, then in the discharging port by belt conveyor or screw conveyor materials are sent out .In the lining of cylinder body, it is equipped with copy plate, whose function is to copy up and then splash, make the contact surface of materials and airflow, in order to improve and promote material progress .Heat body is typically divided into the hot air and stack ,etc. After heat body is dried, cyclone dust collector capture the materials in the gas. If you need further reduce exhaust dustiness, need to through bag filter or wet precipitator and then discharge.

The Classified of Rotary Drying Machine :

The main part of direct heat transfer drum drying is a slightly titled rotating cylinder with the horizontal .Cylinder by gear transmission ,speed is commonly 2~6r/min , the relevant of cylinder between gradient and length ,usually between 1`~5` . Material from drum higher period ,contact with hot air , along with the rotation of the drum , material in the force of gravity flow to the lower end was dry and eduction . Because dryer in negative pressure to under the working conditions, feeding and discharging end all use sealing device to avoid air leakage .

Main Technical Parameter of rotary drying machine:





Revolving speed


Input temperature








600*6000 3 3.8 ≤700 4 2.9 0.5-1.5
800*8000 5 3.8 ≤700 4 3.5 0.8-2.0
1000*9000 5 3.8 ≤700 4 5.2 0.8-2.5
1000*10000 5-3 3 ≤700 5.5 5.6 1.0-3.5
1200*10000 3-5 3 ≤700 7.5 14.04 1.8-5
1200*12000 3-5 3 ≤700 11 14.8 2-6
1500*12000 3-5 2.08 ≤800 15 17.76 3.3-7.5
1800*12000 3-5 2.08 ≤800 18 25 5-9
2200*12000 3-5 4.7 ≤700 18.5 33 6-12
2200*18000 3-5 4 ≤800 30 53.3 10-15
2200*20000 3-5 4 ≤800 35 56 12-20
2400*20000 3-5 4 ≤800 37 60 18-25
3000*20000 3-5 4 ≤800 55 78 25
3000*25000 3-5 4 ≤800 75 104.9 32-36

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