Mineral Powder Briquette Making Machine

Introduction of Mineral powder briquette making machine:
Mineral powder briquette making machine is used to suppress a variety of iron, ore, iron oxide, slag, refractory and other equipment.65-manganese casting roll skin. Special heat treatment hardness of up to 58 degrees. Assembled using roll paper, can be replaced after wear.Mineral powder briquette machine with a buffer device, can better protect the device against a hard object impact. Mineral powder briquette machine is designed with an adjustable device so that the two  bowl always roll the ball adjustable range, never misplaced.Also it is a energy saving products. For example: dust, mud pools, scale, slag, iron, aluminum ash, manganese ore, etc. the Mineral powder briquette machine molding materials, energy saving, easy to transport,improve the utilization of waste materials , with good economic and social benefits.
Working principle of Mineral powder briquette making machine:
Material through v-belt, to gear reducer,the speed reducer by the coupling to the driving shaft,a pair of open gear,ensure two roller shaft synchronous (constant velocity reversed) in which the passive roller by the piston hydraulic cylinder to (constant pressure by oblique iron to withstand), the hydraulic circuit and hydraulic control valve and the accumulator can guarantee the system pressure,the material evenly into the molding machine hopper from the storage bin quantitative equipment,by adjusting the hopper on the regulation of the gate,the material evenly into the rolls, constant velocity reverse operation of roller unit forming pressure compressed material from small to large, in roll center line pressing force reaches the maximum value,the material through the center line,molding pressure rapidly becomes small make the material into ball.
ore powder briquette machine
Application of Mineral powder briquette making machine:
Suitable for industrial gas making,boiler coal briquette,cold pressing,coal briquette for civillan use, civil metallurgy,medicine,civil refractory material. It is mainly used for coal egg production, all kinds of powder metallurgy cold pressed pellet production. Usually the powdery material,must press the ball is the need briquette machine to complete. Such as: coal, coke powder or black non-ferrous metal ore, iron oxides and dust,sludge,refractory material etc.
Technical parameter of Mineral powder briquette making machine: 

Roller diameter


Production capacity





Pressure adjust method
GQ430 430mm 3-6 ZQ500 11 Mechanical adjustment
GQ520 520mm 6-10 ZQ650 15 Mechanical adjustment
GQ670 670mm 10-15 ZQ650-750 22-30 Mechanical adjustment
GQ800 800mm 15-25 ZQ1000 45 Mechanical or hydraulic adjustment

The briquetting plant process flow chart:
ore powder briquette machine production line

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