Hydraulic Briquetting Machine

About Hydraulic Briquetting Machine :

Hydraulic briquette machine can press all kinds ore powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other material, make them forming. As roller forcibly press, thus, output products with the features of high density, high strength and high hardness. Besides, this machine roller adopt Mn650 high hardness material, with excellent wearable property. Improved roller service life effectively. To columniform caky block with the density More than equal to5.5~6.2ton/m3(without any bond).The output of the shift is 8~20tons.

The hydraulic briquetting press is made from good quality material, parts, instrument, motor (only reputed Germany or Japanese brands), equipped with computer-based PLC control. The operation is simple and can be used with wide range of condition of raw materials. Pressure adjust method: hydraulic or mechanical adjustment two kinds. Forming pressure can be adjusted according working needs. Meanwhile ,pare-parts are available and always supplied together with the machine.

Structure of Hydraulic Briquetting Machine:

hydraulic ball press machine structure

The Main Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Briquetting Machine:




Roller diameter


Roller width




Reductor Roller material Final products shape
KFXM-360 1-2 360 196 37 ZQ650 9Cr2Mo According to user requires
KFXM-520 3-5 520 196 55 ZQ1000 9Cr2Mo According to user requires
KFXM-750 5-8 750 225 75 ZQ1250 9Cr2Mo According to user requires

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