Sawdust Crusher

Sawdust Crusher
Product Introduction:
The sawdust crusher is used to crush the Bio-mass like straw, stalk, wood chip, tree branch and forest waste into powdered materials whose particle size is less than 3-5mm, which is right size before material molding. It is also an ideal crusher for crushing farming material like dry or fresh seeding of yam, peanut, rice and grains like husks, maize, wheat, beans, etc. The sawdust crusher is composed of machine body, knife chipping part; re-crush part and sieving part.
Features of Sawdust Crusher:
1. Simple structure, high reduction ration, high efficiency.
2. It combines both chipping and crushing in one machine making sawdust in one passage and there is no need to use wood chipper for preprocessing of wood logs.
3. To ensure security, the feed inlet of this crushing equipment adopts self-section design to avoid dangers to users.
Technical Parameters of Sawdust Crusher:
Machine Model 40 60 80 
  External Size   1.25*0.65*0.75(m)   1.8*1.3*0.9(m)   2.1*1.5*1.3(m)
  Power   7.5kw   18.5kw   22KW
  Output   480kg   1300kg   2000kg
  Diameter of Knife   400mm   600mm   700mm
  Amount of Knife   4pcs   6pcs   6pcs
  Weight   120kg   500kg   1100kg
  Raw Materials    sawdust, tree branches, corn cobs, coconut shell, straw

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