Vibrating Feeder



Introduction of Vibrating Feeder:

Vibrating Feeder  is mainly applied in feeding materials before coarse crushing. It  can put the block or granule materials from the material storage into the charging device in time evenly and continuously. Therefore, it can realize even feeding for crushers in sandstone production line and make rough screening of materials.The vibrating feeder is widely used to match the crushing and sieving equipments in many industries including metallurgy, mineral dressing, coal mine, building material, grinding,chemical,  etc.

Working Principle of Vibrating Feeder:

There are two eccentric shafts rotating at high speed at the same time from opposite directions, thus the strong centrifugal force is formed. The component forces of centrifugal force along the vibrating direction will always overlap each other, then counteract with that of vertical force from vibrating direction, then exciting force along single direction is formed to drive the feeder vibrate along straight line. When materials are fed into the feeder, they may be thrown up and move like Para curve, then fall down. The materials will move forward on the slope surface of the feeder.

Features of Vibrating Feeder:

1.Reliable working,
2.Long-life, low noise, low power consumption,
3.Easy maintenance and low operating cost,
4.Smooth vibration,
5.Excellent performance, no flushing phenomenon of materials.

Main Technical Parameters of Vibrating Feeder:

Model Max feeding size



Shaft speed


Motor power


Size of funnel


Overall size


GZD180*80 300 30-80 350-800 2*1.5 1800*1800 2200*1100*800
GZD200*120 300 80-500 350-970 2*2.2 2000*1200 2000*1200*855
GZD300*90 300 40-100 350-970 2*2.2 3000*900 3050*1430*1550
ZSW380*96 500 90-200 500-714 11 3800*960 3882*2224*2121
ZSW420*110 580 150-350 500-800 15 4200*1100 4250*2500*1365
ZSW490*110 580 180-380 500-800 15 4900*1100 4957*2500*1365
ZSW490*130 750 250-450 500-800 22 4900*1300 4957*2580*2083
ZSW630*190 750 450-800 500-800 22 6000*1300 6082*2580*2083
ZSW630*150 800 600-1000 500-800 30 6000*1500 6082*2660*2400

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