Triaxial vertical mixer

Triaxial vertical mixer Triaxial vertical mixer usage and characteristics:
Three-axis vertical mixer is used in chemical, coal, refractory, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry,etc, using to mix kneading with water, binder, coal, materials in the preceding paragraph has basically been mixed, better play the role of the adhesive, reinforced plastic materials to improve the fine density of materials, help to improve product quality, is the key equipment of briquette production line.
Triaxial vertical mixer is developed new type mixing kneading equipment on the basis of absorbing similar equipment at home and abroad advanced technology, has good kneading effect, low energy consumption, generally is used matched with horizontal mixer and planetary mixer, better completion the mixing of materials, kneading operation.

Triaxial vertical mixer’s technical parameter:

Production capacity


Motor speed


motor power


Overall dimensions




330-A 12-15 1470 22 1770×1740×4100 7750
530-A 35 980 90 2660×2815×4983 14500

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