Double Shaft Mixer

Introduction of Double shaft mixer :
Double shaft mixer is used for mixing the raw materials and binder more evenly  fully. Make the raw materials for better briquetting.
Double shaft mixer has high mixing speed and good uniformity,When working, the two paddle rotors which do counter rotating are mixing in the middle. As to the paddle has many special angles, no matter the materials' shape, size, and density, the materials is mixed quickly and effectively. Adopt downward door, the speed of discharging is quickly, residual quantity is small.
Technical parameters of double shaft mixer:
Model NO.





KHJ2000 7.5 3-5
KHJ2500 11 5-8
KHJ3000 15 8-15
KHJ4000 18.5 15-25
KHJ5000 22 30-40

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