Biaxial Horizontal Mixer

Biaxial horizontal mixer features:

Horizontal double-shaft (spiral) mixer, has high market share, are universal, is the most widely used mixer, ideal for coal processing industry, metallurgical powder processing industry, building materials industry. Its maintenance and usage is simple, stable, high efficiency, energy saving, the machine uses biaxial cross type blade, during working cut, push, and stir (spiral mixer is spiral at the same time pushing for mixing, three into and one pour, in the three lead after a reverse monolithic lead to the material backwards a bit, so that the material uniformly mixed), vane angle can be adjustable, so that production is consistent with evenness. Because of its continuous work, so it is the most suitable for supporting the production line.

Biaxial horizontal mixer structure and working principle:

Biaxial horizontal mixer machine consists of the steel chassis, the chassis is equipped with a reducer, main pulley, coupling, spindle, (two) connection bearing block, blade (or spiral), barrel, box, baffle, bearings, gears folio(two), gear guard, motor base, motor (user-owned), motor pulley and other components. At work: motor driven reducer, the driving force after deceleration drive shaft driven by the coupling assembly, the main role of passive gear off to drive the driven shaft rotation axis, and passive blade mounted on the shaft (or spiral) in the rotation peeling and promote material to the discharge port side movement, in the movement, materials is stirred evenly by blades(or spiral).

Biaxial horizontal mixer technical parameter:


Production capacity


Spindle speed




Installation dimension


Mixer form



ZZWJ2000×500 10-12 35 11KW4 pole 3100×750×500 Mixing knife and blade optional 1600
ZZWJ2500×650 15-20 35 15KW4 pole 4200×800×620 Mixing knife and blade optional 2100
ZZWJ3000×650 20-25 35 15-18.5KW4 pole 4700×800×620 Mixing knife and blade optional 2900
ZZWJ4000×800 30-40 35 37KW4 pole   Mixing knife and blade optional 3850

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